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 appalachian cuisine With celebrity "Chef T"

Local Appalachian food with an Adventurous Side at Saint Paul, Virginia Hotel
Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 5PM - 9PM
Contact Info: 276-738-3041
Discover the best new restaurant in Southwest Virginia at ina + forbes, at the Western Front Hotel.
 Celebrity Chef Torrece Gregoire, better known as "Chef T", opens her first restaurant  in St. Paul, Virginia.  Chef T gained notoriety when she appeared on two seasons of Fox's hit TV cooking series, Hell's Kitchen. .After returning home from filming the show she was fortunate to work in the kitchens of elusive chefs like Kevin Rathbun and vacation meccas like Sea Island. These days you can find her creating culinary delights at one of her exclusive Chef T Food Experiences.
ina forbes restaurant is a tribute to food through the eyes and soul of Chef's late grandmother. ina forbes will connect the family to the farm.  Paying homage
to Appalachia while showcasing food that is approachable, yet sustainable.  
 "It's important to me that my restaurant accommodates everyone, so the price point and offerings will be set
so that you can come anytime, not just on special occasions or during special events,"
View the  ina forbes facebook page  for specials and events.
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